New Chipulukusu court woos residents

CHIPULUKUSU residents in Ndola
CHIPULUKUSU residents in Ndola

CHIPULUKUSU residents in Ndola are flocking in large numbers to listen to court proceeding at the newly opened local court in the area.
The benches in court are always taken up with some residents sitting on the floor while others follow the proceedings through peeping from the windows.
Some residents have commended the Government for building a local court in the area because it would enable the community to also know country’s laws.
Mr Richard Mwansa who was found at the court premises said the opening of the court was restoring order to one of the notorious townships in the city.
“The Government has done well to open a court here, at least people that commit offences will be brought here without any difficulties,” Mr Mwansa said.
Another resident Suzan Mambwe said every time whenever she has nothing to do with her friends they rush to the court to listen to some interesting cases.
Ms Mambwe said the opening of the court had helped cut down on transports costs that the residents used to incur whenever they took their cases to either Chifubu, Kabushi and Ndola Main Local Courts.
Justin Malupande said people in the area were now afraid to commit offences because they were scared of being taken to court.
Mr Malupandwe said the community would now begin to respect the country’s laws.
He said there were a lot of happenings in the area but with the court in the vicinity criminal and civil offences would reduce.
The Chipulukusu Local Court which was opened on March 31, is situated next to the Police Post in the area.

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