Govt distributes mosquito nets to Shiwang’andu

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——Government, through the Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health and its cooperating partners has distributed a total of 5,245 insecticide treated mosquito nets in Shiwang’andu district to mitigate malaria cases.

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 Shiwang`andu District Commissioner (DC), Moses Katebe, said the treated mosquito nets have been distributed in all the nine  health facilities in the district targeting the under five children and pregnant women.

Mr Katebe said this over the weekend in a speech read on his behalf by the District Administrative officer (DAO), Stephen Mulenga, at the commemoration of Africa Malaria Day which was held at Mwika Rural Health Centre at Chambeshi river bank in Shiwang’andu district.

The event was celebrated under the theme "Invest in the future by defeating malaria".

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Mr Katebe said that this year`s theme had come at a better time   Government was working round the clock ensuring that health and other social services receive number one priority on the development agenda.

He further said that this year`s theme as a timely reminder that malaria remains a great threat to the health of the present and future generations, the more reason to scale up investment in
interventions against the disease.

Mr Katebe said investment in malaria control has created an extraordinary force and has yielded remarkable results.

He said that Government has invested in a number of interventions so as to fight malaria in Zambia.

Mr Katebe said the interventions to fight malaria among others include indoor spraying, distribution of insecticide mosquito nets and destroying malaria breeding grounds.

The DC disclosed that in 2013 Shiwang`andu District recorded 24, 246 malaria cases with the incident rate of 381 per 1000 resulting in 18 deaths in the same year.

Mr Katebe has since implored health workers in the district to keep on sensitization the community on the dangers of malaria and the appropriate use of mosquito nets in order to reduce malaria morbidity and mortality in the district.

He also announced that Government will this June conduct a mass distributions of 43,715 long lasting insecticide, treated mosquito nets targeting households and sleeping space in the district to
effectively fight malaria.

And speaking earlier Shiwang`andu District Medical Officer (DCMO) Webster Kambinga encouraged the community not to take any medicine after self diagnosis but to always visit the hospital each time they feel unwell.

Dr Kambinga also advised the community to have their households sprayed when the medical office embarks on indoor spraying exercise in the district.

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