Govt accused of playing hide & seek over constitution

Zambia draft Constitution
Zambia Democratic Conference (ZADECO) says the PF government is playing hide and seek with Zambians over the constitution.

ZADECO president Langton Sichone has questioned why some interest groups are being quoted rejecting certain clauses the draft constitution which has not been released by government to the public.

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Mr Sichone has told QFM News that it is unfortunate that people have started debating a document which is not yet in the public domain.

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Mr. Sichone says it is surprising that the PF government has kept quiet on such debate where some sections of society have rejected some clauses in the document.

He since appealed to the government to release the final draft constitution as promised to the Zambian people.

The Zambia Medical Association (ZMA) has rejected some clauses in the draft constitution stating that the clause in the Bill of Rights that defines life as starting at conception must be removed from the draft constitution as there is no consensus on the subject.

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