Man sues wife for stopping him to marrying an addiotional wife

Divorce Court
Divorce Court

A FIFTY TWO-year-old man of Lusaka’s George Township shocked a Matero local court when he said he would fulfill his dream of marrying two wives even at the expense of losing his wife.
Morris Nanyangwa told the fully packed court that he had told his wife when they were getting married in 1989 that he would marry another wife in future.
This was in a case were Nanyangwa sued his wife Carol for stopping him from marrying another woman.
Facts before the court were that the two got married in 1989 and have six children but problems started a few years ago when Nanyangwa started dating another woman.
Nanyangwa told the court that he had always wanted to marry two wives and it was unfair for his wife to silence his dream now that he had found a woman he wanted to marry.
He said he was no longer interested in his wife since he started having an affair with his new lover.
He added that he had not rested from Carol’s nagging.
Morris further said his wife had on several occasions attempted to kill him because whenever they differed,  she used to pull his private parts.
“For a long time, my wife and I have never stayed in peace. We can’t continue staying together because one of us will end up dying,” he said
He said his wife was always upset and would insult him at will even in the presence of his children and his grandchildren.
But in her defence, Carol told the court that she was tired of her husband and he could do whatever he wanted provided the two were separated.
She told the court that their marriage ended a long time ago adding that from the time her husband found himself a lover, the two had never made love.
She said she had found sexual pills with her husband and when she asked who he used to have sex with after drinking those pills he told her to stay out of his life.
“I will never allow myself to be in a polygamous marriage at my age, I am old all I want is to take care of my family not to start quarrelling  with another woman.
“If you grant us divorce, let him leave the house we built together so that I can take care of my children in peace because I have one disabled child who only I can take care of,” she said.
But magistrate Lewis Mumba sitting with Petronella Kalyelye could not pass judgment but ordered that all the children appear before the court so as to hear their views and come up with a judgement which would be in their best interest.

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