Mortein donates 1,000 mosquito nets to Lusaka clinics

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The Ministry of Health (MOH) has reiterated its determination to fight malaria in the country.

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Ministry Malaria Programme Officer John Banda said this was the reason why government and cooperating partners have invested heavily in the health sector.

Dr. Banda said this today when Mortein handed over 1,000 mosquito nets to health centres in Lusaka to commemorate word malaria day which falls on April 25 every year.

He noted that this year’s theme ”protecting the future from malaria”, signifies the seriousness government has put in the young people in the country.

Dr. Banda said the 1,000 mosquito nets which Mortein has donated will greatly help in complementing government efforts in fighting malaria.

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He urged Mortein and other stakeholders to continue with the good work of partnering with government in alleviating many problems the people of Zambia were faced with.

And speaking during the donation, Mortein Zambia representative Ryan Ranchhod said his organisation has donated K150, 000 towards the fight against malaria in Zambia.

Mr. Ranchhod said the fight against malaria in Zambia should not be left to government alone but all stakeholders should be involved.

He said Mortein will continue assisting the Ministry of Health in its quest to eradicate the malaria disease.

He added that Mortein will also be donating 1,000 mosquito nets to North-Western and Luapula provinces respectively.

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