‘Release of draft Constitution to leave legacy’

Zambia draft Constitution

THE Grand Coalition on the Constitution, a consortium of church mother bodies and civil society organisations (CSOs), has said the release of the draft Constitution will create a lasting legacy for President Michael Sata’s Government.
Coalition chairperson Father Leonard Chiti said the Coalition believed that the task of delivering a people-driven Constitution was best done now so that Zambia could celebrate the Golden Jubilee under a new Constitution.
“We believe that this courageous action will help raise the popularity rating of the PF Government particularly as we begin the countdown to the 2016 tripartite elections. They will do the right thing to deliver the draft Constitution now,” Fr Chiti said.
He was speaking at a media briefing held at Kapingila House in Lusaka yesterday.
Fr Chiti said Government must heed the people’s call for a new Constitution and that the current stand off on the process was not impressive.
Fr Chiti said Zambians were resolute in demanding  a new Constitution and would  remain steadfast until it a people-driven document was delivered.
“In this regard, we propose that the country celebrates the golden jubilee of independence with renewed hope and liberty associated with a new Constitution because it will ensure political, economic and social freedom,” he said.
Fr Chiti has since cautioned the police to be professional and stop intimidating those championing calls for Government to release the draft Constitution because the police too would be beneficiaries of the document.
Grand Coalition vice chairperson Beatrice Grillo said there was still time for the PF Government to redeem itself and deliver a people driven Constitution.
She expressed confidence that President Sata had listened to the cry of the Zambian people and would soon release the draft document.

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