Police arrest suspect for beating Chief Chikola

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

Police in Solwezi have arrested one suspect alleged to be part of the mob of mourners that assaulted Chief Chikola of the Lamba people of Solwezi district over the weekend.

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Chief Chikola was assaulted by his subjects who beat him on suspicion that he was behind the death of his retainer who died some days earlier.

North-western province Deputy Police Commissioner, Michael Nkaka, confirmed the arrest of Kings Fulani, brother of the deceased in Solwezi April 22nd.

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Mr Nkaka said the Chief was badly assaulted after relatives of the deceased performed a traditional practice commonly known as Chikondo which indicated that the chief was the one behind the death of his retainer.

He said police have since evacuated chief Chikola from his palace for security reasons.

Mr Nkaka said Fulani is in police custody awaiting court appearance.


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