Govt. intensifies fight against malaria

Minister of Health Joseph Kasonde
Minister of Health Joseph Kasonde

Government says it is unacceptable that millions of people, especially children in the country continue to die from malaria related diseases each year.

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Minister of Health Joseph Kasonde said government was therefore determined to ensure that malaria was addressed at all levels of health care delivery in Zambia, including at community level.


Dr. Kasonde said government’s aim was to eradicate malaria from the disease landscape of the country in order to achieve the target of zero malaria in the country.


He was speaking in Lusaka today during the launch of the fourth edition guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of malaria in Zambia.


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He said Zambia’s approach to ensure maximum impact on malaria focuses on the integration of the most effective prevention and control tools.


Dr. Kasonde said the Ministry of Health will continue to promote both indoor residual spraying and the use of long lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets in order to have the most rapid and sizable impact on the transmission of the disease.


He further stated that the revision of the guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of malaria in Zambia provides health service workers with a tool that reflects the updated policy recommendations.


Dr. Kasonde said the fourth edition guidelines were intended to provide useful and updated information to all health workers in the country, including those in the private sector on the diagnosis and management of malaria at all levels.


The minister also called for more investment in the fight against malaria in order to address challenges that hinder the smooth implementation of interventions to control the disease.


Dr. Kasonde further reiterated government’s commitment to continue working tirelessly with its partners and all stakeholders to accelerate and scale up malaria prevention and control interventions.


He said there was need for all stakeholders to ensure that they maintain the gains recorded in the fight against malaria and continue to invest in malaria programmes to save the precious lives of the people, particularly children.


Speaking earlier, Disease Surveillance, Control and Research Deputy Director Mulakwa Kamuliwo disclosed that the malaria incidence in the country has been increasing from 2010 to date.


Dr. Kamuliwo said during this period, over five million malaria cases were reported and five percent of these cases were severe malaria while about 4, 000 deaths were attributed to the disease.


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