Govt. warns council workers against illegal land allocations.

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Local Government Deputy Minister Nicholas Banda has warned Council workers against illegal allocation of plots in their respective councils.
The Minister urged officers to stop the illegal dealings and advised officers to utilize the money from the plots for service provision in their localities.

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He said this in a meeting with council workers in Mbala district recently.

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Mr. Banda said if council workers allocate plots illegally to fatten their pockets the council will be deprived of the ability to deliver quality services to the people.

He warned that his Ministry will not take kindly anyone found wanting because the law will take its course.

The Minister urged council workers to make sure that they concentrate on their duties, saying the ministry would not tolerate un-performing councils.

Mr. Banda noted that the Ministry is employing qualified people in Councils to meet the standards that are required in service delivery.

And Mbala Town Clerk Felix Mwansa revealed that for the first time Mbala Municipal Council is not appearing in the Auditor’s General report for audit queries.

He mentioned that the council is trying to rebuild its image and that five officers were currently under suspension due to illegal allocation of plots.

The Town Clerk further disclosed that Mbala Municipal Council has managed to purchase earth moving equipment to work on 10km township roads in the area.

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