Two men arrested for poisoning their father to death


Police in Luwingu District have arrested two men for alleged murder of their father and in-law aged 75 of the same village.

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Northern Province deputy commissioner Milner Muyambango confirmed the arrest to Zambia News and Information Service in an interview in Luwingu district, April 14th.


Mr Muyambango says that the suspects Steven Mulenga 35 and Shadrick Chewe 29 were arrested for alleged murder of Joseph Mulenga.

He explained that the duo whilst working together accused the deceased of having bewitched their  mother and mother in law , Sophia Kunda,  who died on 22 February 2014.

It is alleged that the duo murdered the deceased by poisoning on 1st march 2014 and later damped her body  in the bush near Fibalumo village in chief Munkonge’s area.

The Northern Province deputy commissioner said the alleged murder took place a few days after the death his wife Sophia.

Mr Muyambango said that after the late burial of the deceased, Chewe and Mulenga pretended their unsuspecting victim to a witch finder in Nakonde for cleansing.


However , on the way, the duo bought rogor ( a poisonous substance ) in Kasama and three bottles of lemonade drinks and biscuits.

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He  said Mulenga mixed the poison with the  one of the lemonade drinks  which they gave to their unsuspecting victim who later drunk it down.


However , few minutes later their victim begun complaining of abdominal pain after  which the suspects  just dragged  him in the nearby bush in chief Munkonge area to leave him for dead.

However , alert villagers reported to police in Luwingu about the missing Mulenga. After receiving similar reports from the Community Crime Prevention Unit (CCPU), the duo got apprehended.


The suspects after interrogation admitted to have poisoned the deceased and later escorted the police to Fibalumo village in chief Munkonge where they said had damped his body.

Mr Muyambango said only skeleton were found after which police in the area buried. A postmortem awaits a pathologist from Lusaka.

The duo is in police custody waiting for proceedings in magistrate court.

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