Amayenge, Mozegeta thrill UNZA


THE Amayenge Cultural Ensemble alongside Brian, Mozegeta and the Mimbulu Boys graced the University of Zambia Distance Education Students Association (UNZADESA) get-together  Saturday april 12th.
The occasion was characterised by “provocative” music and energetic dances much to the amusement of UNZA students who danced till dawn.

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The usual serene sports hall was momentarily converted into a discotheque as UNZADESA members and other revellers unwound after a long week of hard work.
It was just a week after the Amayenge, Brian and Mozegeta put up a similar performance at Paddy’s Blues Sports Cafe in Kaunda Square Stage II, but their energy expenditure at UNZA gig was amazing.
It seems the Amayenge are determined to defend their position and hard-earned reputation on the Zambian music arena as being one of the top and seasoned performers.
The Alice Chali-led cultural ensemble opened the show at about 21:00 hours and in no time, put revellers on their toes with kalindula hits.
Their remarkable songs from Mangoma Kulila and Chisango albums were simply irresistible.
Equally set for the occasion were the Mimbulu Boys and Mozegeta, who hit the stage with energetic dances. The latter’s Chikokoshi hit sent night revellers agog.
Fans were seen leaving their seats to try out Mimbulu Boys’ dancing antics and didn’t they almost “tear” the stage apart.
Showgoers danced until they could dance no more.
Among the songs that pulled fans from their seats were Time Time, Naumfwa Umwenso and Bakalalila, among other songs.
It was indeed a night to remember!

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