Fuel pump price goes up by K 7 in Kalabo District

Fuel pump price


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 Fuel dealers in Kalabo  District of the Western  Province have increased the fuel pump price by  K7 for diesel and petrol respectively.

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A survey contacted by ZANIS in Kalabo found dealers selling petrol between K15 and K17 per litre from the previous K12 while diesel was selling between K12 and K15 depending on the source from K10.


The survey further revealed that products from the neighbouring Angola   which most motorists complained of impurities were selling at a higher than the local commodity.


Some fuel dealers told ZANIS in an interview that the recent shortages in the commodity experienced in Mongu, the Provincial capital necessitated the hike.


The dealers have no intentions of reducing the commodity despite the situation getting back to normal.


The only justification to fuel hike at the moment was high transport costs dealers incurred.


Motorists complained of the commodity which is transported in containers to be damaging to their vehicles as it contained a lot of impurities.


Motorists appealed to government to find ways of convincing investors to invest in filling stations to curb the prevailing exploitation.


Diesel and petroleum at Puma filling station in Mongu is K9.25 and K9.10 respectively.


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