238 Special Forces graduate

LIEUTENANT General Paul Mihova, the Zambia Army Commander
LIEUTENANT General Paul Mihova, the Zambia Army Commander

The Ministry of Defence is concerned with the high levels of land encroachments that has characterized some military training schools in the country.

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Defence Minister Edgar Lungu has since requested the Ministry of Lands and law enforcement agencies to quickly contain the trend.

And Mr. Lungu has warned that his ministry may be force to curb the trend if the Ministry of Lands and other law enforcement agencies fail to execute the task.

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The Minister of Defence was speaking when he officiated at the pass out parade of Special Forces intake 8 of 2013 in Kapiri Mposhi in Central Province April 17th.

Mr Lungu says the ministry of defence will reclaim land that belongs to the military training schools.

Two hundred and 38 highly trained Special Forces graduated at the Lukanga army training school.

And Zambia Army Commander Paul Mihova says people encroaching on military training schools are risking their lives.

Lieutenant General Mihova says military training schools have big guns whose shells can be destructive to the nearby villages.

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