‘Modernise your filling stations’ – ENERGY Regulation Board


ENERGY Regulation Board (ERB) executive director Lengiwe Lungu has urged oil marketing companies (OMCs) to modernise their filling stations. Speaking when she toured energy facilities in Ndola last Friday, Ms Lungu said it is important for OMCs to upgrade filling stations to acceptable standards. “We will be firm on international oil marketing companies, we want to ensure that their filling stations look the same like in other countries where they are operating from. “We have given each filling station a deadline on which to work on the defects, but all in all we want to see improved infrastructure in our filling stations,” Ms Lungu said. She said filling stations are required to have running water and sanitation facilities. “The filling stations should have clean toilets and other services such as air which must be offered free of charge to the people,” Ms Lungu said. She said ERB expects OMCs to comply with the deadline which they have been given. Ms Lungu is concerned about the poor state of some filling stations on the Copperbelt. “The best filling station in Eastern Province is Mount Meru while the best filling station in Mansa is Oil Spectrum. We want filling stations to offer best services to the people, we want them to modernise their infrastructure, we want them in general to improve their standards,” Ms Lungu said. She is, however, happy with the operations of Ndola Energy Company (NEC). “We are happy with the safety standards and the operations of the company in general, the company produces 48 megawatts of electricity daily which means added power. We want to see its viability before we can recommend that similar projects can be set up somewhere,” Ms Lungu said. And Total Zambia Limited has decommissioned six filling stations on the Copperbelt and in North-Western Province due to business reasons. Total Ndola area manager Margaret Nkula told Ms Lungu that the company decided to decommission some of its filling stations because of duplication. “We were like competing against ourselves in certain areas, some filling stations we have decommissioned have been sold off and tanks exhumed,” Ms Nkula said. She said Total is still investing heavily in Zambia. “We are not stopping investing in Zambia, we are actually investing heavily in the country. Zambia is one of the stable areas in the region,” Ms Nkula said.

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