Kaseba urges Zambians to develop spirit of endurance.

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First Lady Christine Kaseba has urged Zambians to develop a spirit of endurance amidst many social challenges that may discourage them from working hard for their development.

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Dr. Kaseba said Zambians should start realising that there was no social problem that was insurmountable.


She said to every problem that exists, there was a solution.

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Dr. Kaseba said this in an interview with ZANIS in London yesterday before she left England where she was attending and speaking at the 2014 Skoll World Forum on entrepreneurship. The theme of this year’s forum was ‘ambition’.


She observed that often times, Zambians get overwhelmed with social problems of disease and poverty which make them lose the hope of leaping out of such ills.


“The general word to Zambians is that in every problem, there is hope for a solution. So we need to have a paradigm shift of the mind from just concentrating on problems but let us start thinking of how we can use our different talents to find solutions to these social ills,” she said.


Dr. Kaseba said the Skoll World Forum was an eye opener for her as an advocate of improved social amenities and opportunities to education, to have a change in her horizon of thinking about solutions to social challenges facing many Zambians especially women, children and the youth.


The First Lady has meanwhile urged the Zambian media to use their profession and the tools they have to bring about positive social change in the country by suggesting solutions to the calamities and hardships which they report about.


While in Oxford where the Skoll World Forum was held, Dr. Kaseba held a number of private meetings representing various companies and organisations that aim at mitigating the impact of social ills among many communities in the world.


She also spoke at the forum on a topic, ‘the impact Jackpot: service delivery innovation for the very poor’ in which she highlighted what her nongovernment organisation (NGO) called ‘’Ubutala bwa bumi’ was doing and how government was cooperating with other stakeholders to trigger social change in Zambia.


Dr. Kaseba attended an award presentation ceremony where eight Skoll awards were presented to various organisations and individuals for their meritorious efforts in addressing social ills.


The First Lady, who was accompanied by Ubutala bwa bumi National Coordinator Judith Mwila, has since returned to Lusaka.



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