Kalomo councillors urged against politicise dip tank construction

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—Kalomo District Commissioner, Lucia Mwiinde, has called on civic leaders in the area not to politicise the placement of the 15 dip tanks that government intends to construct this year in the district.

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Speaking to the civic leaders during a full council meeting held at the council chamber, Ms Mwiinde said whilst she understands that the district has 15 wards, it was not automatic that every ward would have a dip tank.

She added that livestock population should be taken into account in areas where the dip tanks are to be constructed.

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Senior Veterinary Officer, Hayongo Hamanjanji, disclosed that government is to construct 15 dip tanks and rehabilitate 48 old ones in Kalomo this year in an effort to reduce animal tick – borne diseases,

And the Veterinary Department in Kalomo says the entire northern part of the district is still under African Swine Fever (ASF) quarantine and urged the civic leaders to report anyone found transporting pigs in the affected areas in an effort to contain the disease.

Mr Hamanjanji said his department has solicited funds to de-populate pigs in the affected areas to compensate the would-be affected farmers once his officers swing into action to crop the affected pigs.

The meeting, which was chaired by newly elected council chairperson, Babyloc Sianango, who polled 12 against his contenders, Leonard Sichombe and Maxon Nkandela who got 4 and 1 votes respectively, also approved a K50.00 dog levy that the council has introduced in the wake of rabies cases in the district.

The position of vice chairperson was scooped by Peter Chile who went un-opposed and had consequently held the position before in the UNDP dominated council which has only one PF councillor, Judas Siakagoma, of Omba ward.

And the council has with immediate effect directed each household to have a minimum of two dogs and urged all dog owners to vaccinate them before being registered.

Council Secretary, Foster Nasilele, said all pet owners are compelled to confine their pets within their vicinity from 06.00 hours until 22.30 hours in an effort to control stray dog movements especially in the township.

Two deaths caused by rabies following dog bites have been reported and confirmed by the health department.

Stakeholders have been calling for the intensification of dog vaccination in all the corners of the district.

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