PF soon to pay for their arrogance on constitution – OSF

Open Society Foundation Executive Director Sunday Chanda

Open Society Foundation says the Patriotic Front will soon pay for their arrogance on the constitution.
OSF Executive Director Sunday Chanda has expressed concern that the PF Government has continued to speak in tongues over a matter as crucial as the Constitution.

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Mr. Chanda in a statement issued today says attempts by the PF to reduce the demands for a new constitution to an agenda of the elite are nothing but cheap propaganda, which is arrogant and vexatious.

He reminds the PF Government that such arrogance will turn around to haunt them not very long from now.

Mr. Chanda says the PF is seemingly taking pride in remaining deaf to the Zambian people’s factual demands.

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He observes that the glimmers of hope for a new constitution stands adulterated by inefficient and lack of political will.

Mr. Chanda says Zambians from all walks of life must stand up to demand a replacement of the current constitution with a new one founded on modern doctrines of good governance and respect for the ordinary citizens.

He states that the current constitution in its shape is a threat to democracy and the future stability and prosperity of the nation.

He says 50 years after Independence, Zambia is a country heading for self-destruction and becoming a serious embarrassment on the continent

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