Adhere to labour laws, Govt urges investor

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GOVERNMENT has directed China Jiangxi International Corporation (CJIC) to adhere to Zambian labour laws, including paying workers the recommended minimum wage.
It is believed that China Jiangxi workers are currently getting between K17 to K22 per day.
Chadiza District Commissioner Paul Phiri said when he held a meeting with CJIC officials on Tuesday that Government was aware that the workers were still being paid meagre salaries contrary to the country’s labour laws.
Mr Phiri said the workers should be paid according to the Government recommended minimum wage.
“From the reports I am getting, the wages here are very, very low please try to work on the minimum wage for your workers,” he said
The district commissioner said there was need to maintain the minimum wage including the issue of safety and security for workers.
Mr Phiri, however, commended the construction company for the mobilisation works on the roads it has been contracted to upgrade,” he said.
CJIC in-charge of local labour, Xiaocheng Guan said his company was working towards meeting the minimum wage and safety of  workers.
Mr Xiaocheng explained that his company was geared to work and finish the works on time.
“My project manager Mr Lin Ning is working on some of the worker’s requirements,” he said.
And Consultant Zeleke Wakene bemoaned the erratic inflow of money to the contractor.
“Financial problems are hampering the works on the Chipata-Vubwi road and the contractor is willing to start the works as quickly as possible,” he said.

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