Kaputa council resumes land ownership processes


The Kaputa District Council has lifted the temporary ban on the issuance and transfer of land in the district.

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According to a statement obtained by ZANIS in Kaputa yesterday April 2nd, Council Secretary, Patson Kapoba, said the council, which has delegated powers under the Land Act to issue land, has resumed the process.

Mr Kapoba has since urged residents who obtained pieces of land with irregularities to seek the local authority to normalise their plots.

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He said it would be important for residents to obtain relevant legal documents as assurance of property ownership and empowerment.

He added that the normalisation will, however, attract a certain penalty as stipulated in the council’s 2014 budget estimates.

Mr Kapoba further explained that individuals who have relevant documents for the purchase of land but have not been issued with land will, however, be required to pay the difference in developmental charges paid before the 2014 budget estimates.

He said all those interested to obtain land in the area for various use will now be required to apply and seek audience with the planning unit before acquiring land.

The Kaputa District Council before last year suspended the sale and transfer of land due to perceived flaws in the land allocation exercise.

The local authority also undertook a land audit last year to ascertain the piece of land which is both occupied and not occupied.

The audit was also meant to number the plots and start issuing residents with title to land.

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