‘There are no factions in PF’


PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Secretary General Wynter Kabimba has warned some party leaders against suspending members on frivolous grounds.
Meanwhile, Mr Kabimba has maintained that there are no camps in the PF but that reports that there are divisions are being spread by people who have no interest of the party at heart.
Mr Kabimba, who is Justice Minister, was speaking when he addressed PF members in Kabwe.
He said it was sad that some party members have been banned on frivolous grounds when suspension was not the only form of punishment.
“Don’t you feel pain when doing something wrong to someone who has not wronged you simply because you want to use your position to fight other people? Should this be the way to go?” he asked.
Mr Kabimba said he recently handled two disciplinary cases from Central and Western provinces.
He has since sent back the two cases to the provincial committees to justify the charges, failure to which he would lift the suspensions.
He maintained that there are no factions in the party and challenged those suggesting that he was campaigning for the presidency to tell the nation who his campaign manager is.
Mr Kabimba reaffirmed his allegiance to President Michael Sata.
He said there was need to defend ideologies of the party and maintained that Zambians did not make a mistake when they elected Mr Sata as Republican President.
Some party members expressed displeasure at the conduct of their two Members of Parliament, James Kapyanga of Kabwe Central and Bwacha’s Sydney Mushanga, whom they accused of failing to meet party officials.
Mr Kabimba directed the provincial committee to call for a meeting and present a report to his office.
He said he had been receiving contradicting statements from the two MPs and the party structures.
He was saddened that the two MPs were neither in the meeting nor at the party’s fund-raising dinner as they were reportedly on a tour with Parliamentary committees on the Copperbelt.
Mr Kabimba said all MPs were expected to respect party leaders in all structures, just as he, as Secretary General, is able to do the same.

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