Luanshya launches 5-year development plan


Luanshya Municipal Council has launched the district’s 2014-2018 Strategic Plan which will act as the local authority’s agenda for development to be implemented at a cost of over K93 billion.

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Speaking during the launch, Youth and Sport Minister, Chishimba Kambwili, said the strategic plan was the council’s blue print for improved service delivery and development, which showcases direction of implementing agreed upon and decisions on allocating resources needed to pursue the new development agenda.

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“As government, we are happy to note that during the period of implementation of the strategic plan, Luanshya will see more areas opened up for industrial, agricultural, and property development projects such as the construction of shopping malls and new housing development projects,” Mr Kambwili said.

The minister, who is also Roan Member of Parliament, noted that the document identified five key areas of focus which included planning, engineering, housing and social services as well as administration which are all crucial in the realization of sustainable social, cultural and economic development.

He said the implementation of the strategic plan was in line with the Patriotic Front government’s policy which recognizes the critical role the local government sector plays in enhancing community infrastructural development through service delivery.

Mr Kambwili was happy to note that the blue print was as a result of conclusive and consultative meetings which included the input of government officials, the council and other stakeholders.

He also called for the need by all stakeholders to embrace the strategic plan by rendering it all the support it deserves, emphasizing the importance of ensuring that the local authority comes up with new approaches for revenue generation.

Mr Kambwili further implored Luanshya residents to brace for the challenges which come with social economic transformation as the strategic plan also accounts for the potential expansion of Luanshya town.

The minister also commended Luanshya Municipal council for the achievement realized through holding a functioning integrity committee which has advanced ethical conduct in land management issues.

He urged the local authority to strive to uphold the standards it set after winning the national anti -corruption award for being one of the most outstanding local authorities for exercising transparency in land management.

Mr Kambwili emphasized the need to maintain such standards if the objectives of the strategic plan were to be realized without any compromise.

And Luanshya Mayor, Nathan Chanda, said the strategic plan picked up from where the 2011-2013 ended after completing the previous two year development strategy in 2013.

Mr Chanda observed that if implemented accordingly, the strategic plan would play an effective role in promoting efficient and effective service delivery and supplement both government and the local people’s efforts in rebuilding infrastructure and making bold new investments.

“I have no doubt that this plan, which is being launched today, is the most certain way of attaining a well-planned and sustainable transformation because of its well defined goals and objectives which were arrived at after a protracted but meaningful consultative process between the council and Luanshya residents,” he said.

The Mayor was certain that the development agenda would grow the district’s economy and provide hope and relief to the working class from both the formal and informal sectors which were currently experiencing growth.

Mr Chanda, whose term of office ends today, said he was leaving the council as a proud man after being privileged to work closely with other stakeholders and government in formulating a disciplined effort that produced fundamental decisions and actions that shaped and guide Luanshya town.

The occasion was attended by Luanshya District Commissioner, Harold Mbaulu, the deputy Mayor Mannford Nguni, Town Clerk, Alex Mwansa, council officials and all heads of government departments.

Also in attendance were various political party representatives, area councillors, the private sector and the Church.

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