President Sata arrives in Brussels ahead of fourth EU-Africa summit

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President Sata arrives in Brussels ahead of fourth EU-Africa summit


Brussels, Belgium, March 30th, 2014, ZANIS —-  President MICHAEL SATA has arrived in Brusssels , Belgium for the fourth EU-Africa summit.



Zambia’s Ambassador to Belgium Grace Mutale – Kabwe  told journalists here in Brussels that the plane carrying the President expected to touch down at Brussels Airport at 14:30 local time.



Mrs.  KABWE said  the summit which  has brought together over 40 African Head of State and more than 20 EU leaders, as well as the leaders of EU and African Union institutions ,is being held under the theme "Investing in People, Prosperity and Peace”.


And Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba , who is in the advance party, said Zambia’s participation at the summit is extremely beneficial.


 Mr. Kalaba  said  the summit will highlight the results achieved by the Continental Partnership and will frame cooperation for the years to come.


 He said  the summit will also give the opportunity to take stock of ongoing and future cooperation in the various fields covered by the Joint Africa-EU Strategy and to look into ways to enable more effective and streamlined implementation.


Mr. Kalaba said Important global issues such as climate change, the post 2015 development frameworks may also enter discussions.


He said the theme  "Investing in People, Prosperity and Peace”,  is appropriate Abecause people are at the centre of the EU and Africa partnership.


Mr. Kalaba said leaders are expected to discuss how to foster human capital through education and training, particularly for women and youth by providing them with skills and knowledge to better qualify for the labour market.


He said the summit may also address issues such as mobility and the fight against human trafficking.


He  said Prosperity is also key for the two continents. Both Africa and Europe need sustainable and inclusive growth to ensure their socio-economic development.


The minister said On a topic close to home, leaders will discuss how to create additional incentives for investment and find ways of stimulating growth that will create jobs in particular for young people, unlocking their productive and entrepreneurial potential.


And because peace is a precondition for human development and the safety of the people, Mr. Kalaba  said the summit will demonstrate how EU -Africa relations have evolved over the past years.