— PF advises MMD to resolve internal wrangles

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The patriotic Front (PF) has called on the MMD to quickly resolve its internal wrangles and save the party from collapsing.

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PF Media and communication Director Chanda Mfula says the former ruling party being the largest opposition political party in Zambia plays an important role in the democratic system on which the country’s governance is based.

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Mr. Mfula said the PF believes that MMD leaders have a greater responsibility to save the party from extinction in the interest of the democratic fundamentals of the country.


The ruling party’s Media and communication Director said this in a statement released to ZANIS IN Lusaka, today.

He said the position of the ruling party is that the MMD President Nevers Mumba should re-examine his stance of externalizing the problems of his party and address the internal issues that threaten his party’s existence.

Mr. Mfula said Dr. Mumba should know that the PF is led by honourable men and women who recognize that the survival of the MMD is in the interest of the nation’s democracy and cannot put partisan interests ahead of such an issue.

He said the PF desires to compete with a strong, well led, managed and organized MMD on the political platform, because a very competitive political landscape is capable of producing the best quality leadership for the country’s continued development.


The former ruling party has been embroiled with internal conflicts which have resulted in calls to hold a national convention to elect new leadership to save the party from extinction.

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