Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Orange Object Turns Out to be Dead Jellyfish

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It`s been 22 days, and not single debris from the Malaysia Airlines jet has been recovered. Ships and aircraft have been scouring the ocean, looking for a piece of luggage, a seat, anything that will confirm the theory that the ill-fated Flight 307 crashed in the Indian Ocean.

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Satellites have captured images of hundreds of floating objects, but when planes and ships are dispatched to locate them, they return empty-handed.

Friday, the crew aboard a Chinese search plane spotted an orange suspicious object suspected to be a life vest from the jumbo 777.

Saturday China`s sate run CCTV announced it was a dead jellyfish.

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It`s no wonder that this dearth of evidence has given birth to dozens of conspiracy theories. We may have fun speculating if the missing airplane was swallowed by a baby black hole, destroyed by a UFO or a meteor, or if it`s parked somewhere in Pakistan.

But the uncertainty regarding the fate of the airliner and the conflicting and confusing information released by the Malaysian authorities is driving the families of the victims bonkers.

If we can land a man on the moon, and if an NSA satellite orbiting the Earth can read a license plate, why can`t we find out what happened to the plane?

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  1. Is this the earth we call global village? Ndeke kusoba with all the technological gadgets hanging in space!