Rotten mealie-meal seized in Kapiri Mposhi


Government has seized and disposed-off 582 by 25 Kg bags of expired mealie meal and 77 by 25 Kg bags of bread flour from Olympic Milling outlet in Kapiri Mposhi district.


District Environmental Health Officer, Simeon Sikwiya says this was after alert Public Health Inspectors from Kapiri Mposhi District Health Office (DMO) stormed a named milling company premises after a tip off.


Mr. Sikwiya told ZANIS in an interview in Kapiri Mposhi on March 28th that that the commodity was  seized and consequently disposed off because they expired over a month ago and did not meet the standards for consumption as stipulated in the Food and Drugs Act CAP 303, regulation 214 of the laws of Zambia.


Mr. Sikwiya said the named Miller had stocked and sold the mealie meal and flour to unsuspecting customers despite noticing that it had expired.


“It is surprising that the trader continued to stock the same products even when customers returned them back and despite knowing that the products had gone bad,” Mr. Sikwiya said.


Kapiri Mposhi District Magistrate court issued the disposal order today of the seized products that included 556 bags of Olympic Breakfast Meal, 26 bags of Olympic Roller Meal and 77 bags of bread flour.


The company’s management refused to comment on the matter by broadcast time.