Cecilia Mwaba: Gospel singer with passion


INSPIRED by renowned Nigerian song-bird SINACH, Cecilia Mwaba has developed her talent to sing and is on the road to becoming a Zambian version of “SINACH” herself.
Cecilia has been singing since she was 14 years old and in 2014, she produced her first album called This is My Time, which carries on it 15 worship and praise songs.
“My first album titled This is My Time was released in 2014 and carries on it 15 songs, mostly worship, though there are a few praise songs as well,” she told Times Entertainment.
She was brought up in a local Baptist Church in Ndola but until the age of 19, Cecilia had not fully received Jesus Christ as her Lord and personal Saviour.
“But this changed when I attended a crusade at another church where songs of repentance sung made me realise that people could become saved though gospel music,” she narrated.
From this very moment, Cecilia made up her mind, received Christ fully and knew exactly what genre of gospel music she would delve into to bring the lost souls to Jesus.
In January 2014, This is My Time was released combining together a rich vein of different languages like Bemba, Chinyanja and Swahili, all with a purpose of preaching the gospel through music.
Already a worship leader at Waves of Prophetic Embassy in Ndola, Cecelia had the backing and inspiration of everyone she thought would assist her produce the album.
She says the Church leadership was integral in offering spiritual and moral support from the time her album was being recorded until its release.
“Music plays a huge role in transforming the lives of people and the sole aim behind the release of This is My Time, is to make people understand that all things work to the good of those who trust and believe in God,” she explained.
Cecilia urged her fellow artistes to explore the music industry from with this in mind as in this day and age; people everywhere have no one else look up to other than God.
She now anticipates winning one of the coveted global music awards and performed alongside the likes of SINACH and others.

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