27 pupils forced to drink urine by Teacher in Sesheke

prison arrest
prison arrest
A 30 year old female teacher of Mangamu Primary School in Sesheke District in Western Province has been arrested by Police after she allegedly  forced 27 pupils and subjected three more to 10 canes each as punishment for not disposing off a five liters container they used as chamber pot the previous night.
Regional Police Commissioner Lombe Kamkoshi confirmed the incidence in Mongu in a press statement and identified the accused as Caroline Simandi.
Commissioner Kamkoshi narrates in the statement that while camped for inter school athletics at Sesheke primary school among other pupils from various schools in the district, the 30 pupils  who were lodging in one classroom opted to use the  five liters container as a chamber pot.
She said that the following day upon realizing that the pupils in question did not disposse off the urine, their supervisor (Caroline Simandi) made each pupil take a sip of the urine out of which three declined to do so.
The Police Chief adds that when the three pupils refused Caroline then subjected the pupils to a corporal punishment of ten canes each.
Ms. Kamkoshi said the matter was reported by parents after their children narrated the story to them upon reaching home adding that Caroline was then arrested and charged with negligent act likely to spread an infection contraly to section 183 cap 87 of the laws of Zambian.
Caroline has since been released on police bond.
T.M. – Lusaka Voice
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