PS Luapula calls for planning procedures for developers

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Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo has called for planning procedures which developers of infrastructure in the Province must follow to prevent conflict with the law.

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The PS made the call at Teja Lodge in Mansa during a Cocktail Party hosted by Lusaka Province Planning Authority which had come to Luapula Province on a five day exchange visit to share ideas on better practices with their Luapula counterparts.

Mr. Kasolo said the visit of the Lusaka Province Planning Authority to Luapula Province was valuable because Lusaka Province Planning Authority had been in existence longer that the Luapula one and had more experience to share with the Luapula Authority.

And Lusaka Province Planning Authority Delegation Leader Nelson Majolo said the visit to the province was fruitful as members were open to each other.

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He said the meetings in Samfya were characterized by openness.

Mr. Majolo hoped that the report will include a good exchange of ideas in strengthening one another in the delivery of assigned duties.

And Lusaka Province Planning Authority substantive Executive Secretary Maxwell Zulu who is also Vice president of the Zambia Institute of Planners appealed for government support for planners countrywide because they were critical to realizing a well planned development for the country.

He said it was important for Planners to remain professional and committed to their work because in the past there had been a host of complaints that planners were not doing their job.

He called for a well thought out registration of practicing Planners countrywide so that all Planners could abide by the professional requirements of the profession.

And Luapula Province Planning Authority Board Member Mary Pepala said the initial planning of the Luapula Province Planning Authority had invaluable input.

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