Govt. pledges commitment to provide quality health care in Lundazi.

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Acting Lundazi District Commissioner Philemon Lungu says government is committed to providing quality health services as close to the community as possible, through the Saving Mothers, Giving Life [SMGL] program.

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Mr Lungu said the program is an initiative that seeks to reduce maternal mortality through a public –private partnership between Zambia and the American government

ZANIS reports that Acting Lundazi District Commissioner Philemon was speaking during the launch of a video show program of Saving Mothers, Giving Life held at Mphamba Basic School yesterday.

Mr Lungu said Lundazi is one of the Districts that faces several challenges in delivering quality health care and safe motherhood, especially in valley areas, hence the need for cooperating partners to come on board and supplement government’s efforts in providing quality health services to the community.

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And speaking earlier, Chief Mphamba commended government for training him in Safe Motherhood last year 2013.

He said after the training no cases of home deliveries by expectant mothers were recorded and many husbands have now started escorting their spouses to   antenatal clinics.

Chief Mphamba further said community sensitization for pregnant women to always deliver at the nearest health centre has strengthened in his chiefdom.

He has however warned both expectant  mothers and their spouses to adhere to his directives as failing to do so will result in punitive measures.

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