Council Warns Public against buying pork products.

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Kalulushi Council has warned members of the public in Kalulushi and Lufwanyama not to buy any pork products from undesignated areas.

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The call following suspected poisoning of some Pigs in Chief Nkana’s area.

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Council Public Relations Officer Kangwa Muma told ZANIS in Kalulushi in an interview yesterday that according to a report from Chief Nkana’s area , five Pigs and four dogs where suspected to have been poisoned.

Mr. Muma said the development came to light when some members of the public tipped health inspectors and the police from the two districts that soe pigs and dogs are suspected to have been poisoned..

He said a combined team of health inspectors got hold of the caucus of the pig because word went round that members of the public wanted to start selling it.

He said the dogs that attempted to feast on the caucus also died.

He added that the health team managed to get hold of the other animals suspected to have been poisoned but were still alive to prevent other animals from being affected.

Mr. Muma however, said the Provincial Veterinary Officer has arrived in the district to find out what really transpired.

A Check by ZANIS found the caucus of the pigs at the Civic Centre awaiting investigations.

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