Suspected human waste stirs Chimusanya Primary School in Rufunsa District

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Suspected human waste stirs Chimusanya Primary School in Rufunsa District

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Rufunsa,March 20,2014,ZANIS—-There was drama at Chimusanya Primary School in Rufunsa District of Lusaka Province when word went round that teachers and pupils at the School had discovered three mysterious heaps of faeces in one classroom believed to have been excreted by "Satanists".

And quick intervention by Rufunsa District Commissioner Paul Kasongo has prevented an imminent industrial action by teachers at School who are protesting against alleged continued "Satanic" practice at the School.

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Meanwhile, relative calm and normalcy has returned at the School following a fruitful Extra Ordinary Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Meeting held to resolve the matter.

Earlier, traditional leaders within the School catchment area have pledged to find a lasting solution to the ongoing bizarre occurrences at the School that has installed fear among the teachers and pupils.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Kasongo rushed to the School after teachers refused to teach and turned away pupils following the discovery of three "mountains" of human faecal matter in one of the classrooms.

This was the third consecutive day in which both teachers and pupils at the School have been discovering faeces in three different classrooms in the morning despite the rooms having being properly secured and locked after lessons.

However, perpetrators of this well calculated weird behaviour seem to have thoroughly choreographed their defecation plan by placing their waste near the blackboard.

Mr. Kasongo persuaded teachers to go back to work as his office was engaging stakeholders to address their concerns.

He said although the incidence was uncalled for and regrettable, pupils were the ultimate losers hence urged teachers to rescind their decision.

Mr. Kasongo implored the School PTA to think of employing a security guard in the short term basis.

He further implored them to think of a possibility of erecting a perimeter wall fence to secure the place.

"I urge all of you here to consider employing a guard while a permanent solution is sought to prevent future occurrence of this problem," he advised.

Earlier,Chimusanya Primary School Headteacher, Elizabeth Besa said the occurrence of the past three days has installed fear among teachers and pupils at the School.

Mrs. Besa said teachers are ready to teach provided that the community guarantee their safety.

"This anti social behaviour has really demoralised the morale of teachers who are putting in their level best to educate the children," she said.

She appealed to the community to work closely with the School management to enhance learner performance.

Earlier,some parents sharply differed among themselves when others suggested that the PTA Committee engages the services of a witch finder to help resolve the misery surrounding the problem.

Parents that wanted the services of a witch finder argued that it was the only way of quickly resolving the mystery surrounding the problem.

However, those opposed to this said engaging a witch finder will be a start of more "Satanic" attacks in the future.

The PTA Extra Ordinary has since resolved to employ a security to enhance security at the school.

The guard will be paid from community contributions to be collected by village headmen that has been pegged at K 2 per household.

This week teachers and pupils at the School woke up to a rude shock when they discovered "mysterious" heaps of faeces dotted along the black board.

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