Northern Province police probe two aggravated robberies

Police gun robber
Police gun robber
The Police in Northern Province are investigating two cases of aggravated robbery that happened in Mbala and Mpulungu Districts last week.

Regional Police Commissioner Charity Katanga says the two incidents happened on two different occasions.
Ms. Katanga says in Mpulungu, three men armed with sticks attacked and robbed John Siulapwa, 53, of Chituta village in Isoko from whom they got away with 20 thousand Kwacha cash.

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Ms. Katanga says in the attack that happened in broad day light around 10:00hrs on Tuesday last week, left Siulapwa with a fractured left arm and a cut on his left palm and had been since admitted at Mpulungu Health Center.

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She notes that Siulapwa has however identified one of the three assailants who managed to run away after the attack.

And in Mbala, three unknown men attacked and robbed Joseph Sichilima 38 of Katito village in Chief Tafuna’s Chiefdom.

Ms. Katanga says the incident happened around 21:00hours in the evening at a day she has not motioned but that the assailants who were armed with machetes managed to get away with 6 thousand Kwacha cash, a phone and an inventor belonging to Sichilima.

The Northern Province Police Commissioner says Sichilima sustained cuts on the forehead, left arm and chest and has since been admitted at Mbala General Hospital.

She however notes that in trying to defend himself from the robbers, Sichilima managed to axe one of them to death whose body is said to be in the Mbala General Hospital mortuary.


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