TEXAS : Big Hearts in the Big Country: 95 Year Old Woman Sends Dresses from Abilene to Zambia, Africa

95-year-old, Angelea Carey
95-year-old, Angelea Carey

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From Abilene, Texas, USA to Africa, an Abilene woman is making girls smile around the world. She’s doing what she loves. She’s sewing, something she’s done for at least eight decades. 95-year-old, Angelea Carey is making dresses for girls in Zambia, Africa. Carey’s son and daughter-in-law help with medical mission trips there through their church in Merkel. Carey wanted to send over something special this time around.

Room 315 is where it all happens.

Angelea Carey has the eye for the design.

“Made like this, anyone can wear it. It doesn’t have to be a size,” says Carey.

She also has the skill to thrill.

“The girls fight over the dresses, if they get a dress. You cannot take it away from them,” Carey adds.

She has a heart of gold.

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“They’re for girls in Africa,” says Carey.

She’s made 60 dresses so far and it seems there’s no stopping her,” I’d like to make 100, but I’ve about used up my material.”

Stitch by stitch, it’s her daily mission, ” I don’t know. I don’t remember when I started. But I can make one in a day.”

Carey says her family encouraged her, “I was getting kind of bored, not much to do and everything. I had a lot of fabric and so Scott said, well you can just make dresses. So they brought my material up here to me and gave me a pattern and said get going.”

She has an assortment of patterns.

“They normally like bright colors,” says Carey.

But, she’ll use anything she can get her hands on, “If anyone wants to donate material, I can use it.”

Each dress is made with love.

“It makes me feel good. I love children anyway, especially little girls,” Carey says.

If you’re interested in donating fabric for Angelea, you can bring it the University Place senior living center in Abilene. Carey says the dresses will likely be delivered sometime this spring.

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