Sata reaffirms resolve to fight graft

President Micheal Sata in Army Uniform
President Micheal Sata in Army Uniform

President Micheal Sata has reaffirmed his government’s determination to fighting corruption in the country.
President Sata said government has progressed in the fight against corruption in the past two years.

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This is according to President Sata’s latest facebook page posting.

He said his administration was fighting corruption in order to create an environment that was conducive for effective social and economic development as well as improved service delivery to the people of Zambia.

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He said upon assuming Office in 2011, the Patriotic Front government strengthened the Anti-Corruption legal framework through the introduction of the Anti-Corruption Act No. 3 of 2012.

The Head of State said his government re-introduced the abuse of authority clause that had been removed by the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) government.

Mr. Sata said government further domesticated a number of provisions contained in the international conventions and protocols on corruption that Zambia is a party to.

He disclosed that last year, the ACC received a total of 1,987 reports and 425 cases were authorized for investigation.

By the close of the year, there were a total of 902 cases under investigations while 205 were concluded and closed.

The commission also recorded 27 arrests countrywide and 64 cases were before the courts of law for prosecutions.

“With regard to investigations and prosecutions, the ACC secured 27 convictions and recorded 10 acquittals while eight cases were withdrawn from court due to technicalities and 12 judgments were appealed against,” he said.

Mr. Sata said in 2012, the Commission received 2,337 reports and investigated them.

He said 484 cases were authorized for investigations while by the close of the year, there were a total of 733 cases under investigations and a total of 89 prosecutions cases were before the courts of law.

“The ACC recorded 31 arrests countrywide in 2012 while 13 convictions and 9 acquittals were recorded. In addition a total of 44 cases were at trial stage while 9 cases were at defense stage, one awaiting judgment, 4 at defense stage, one case was awaiting ruling and only 2 withdrawals were made during that year review,” he said.

President Sata has since assured the nation and cooperating partners that government was resolved to continue placing the fight against corruption on top of its agenda.

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