Camara ships 50,000th PC to Zambia

Camara will ship its 50,000th computer to Zambia
Camara will ship its 50,000th computer to Zambia

ICT Excellence Award-winning charity Camara will ship its 50,000th computer to Zambia this week.

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Camara, an organisation that refurbishes used computers to improve the quality of education in disadvantaged communities around the world, has since 2005 installed 2,500 e-learning centres and trained 12,000 teachers in 10 countries.

The charity is now launching an urgent appeal to organisations and individuals to donate their old computer monitors for use in schools in Kenya, Zambia and Ethiopia where the growth in demand for e-learning is putting a strain on production in Dublin.

Currently, 1,500 computers are fully refurbished and loaded with educational software, ready to be shipped from Dublin, but the lack of accompanying monitors is delaying their delivery.

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The current shortage of monitor donations is due to the longer life span of monitors compared to a hard drive, however, there are thousands of monitors around the country that are no longer in use and could be reused in education to provide children with 21st century skills.

Over 6,000 monitors will be required this year to help meet Camara’s target of delivering digital literacy to an additional 1.3 million students over the next three years.

“Production in Dublin is under increasing pressure to meet the heavy demand from Camara’s education hubs in East Africa” according to production manager Frank Neenan. “Flat screen monitors are the vital missing ingredient we require to meet our targets”.

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