Sexually-starved wife seeks divorce, court dismisses claim


THE Lusaka Boma Court was sent roaring into laughter when a 50-year-old woman pleaded for dissolution of her 35-year-old marriage because her husband has been sexually starving her for nine years.
Mary Zulu told justices Kalunga Chansa, Pauline Newa and Eunice Mulomba that she has endured for nine years without sex, which her husband, Ackson Mwanza, has been denying her.
“I want to divorce him because there is no way I can be living with a man who can not perform in bed. I’m also human and I don’t think I can take it any more. I have the right to have sex in my marriage and without it, there is no marriage,” she said.
This was heard in a case in which Zulu sued Ackson Mwanza, 56,for divorce. The couple got married in 1979 and has five children. Mwanza, however, has five other children with his second wife.
The distraught Zulu in her statement said all was well in their marriage but problems started in 2005 when Mwanza married another woman in his village.
“His new wife bewitched him and tied his manhood so that he does not function whenever he wants to have sex with me. I have tried on several occasions to tell his second wife to reverse the charm she used on him but Mwanza has been refusing to doing so,” she said.
Zulu said worse still, Mwanza brought the five children he had with his second wife aged four, three, two and one to be in her custody when their mother got insane.
“I told my husband that I can not manage to keep such little children. This is when he chased me from our home,” she said.
And Mwanza in his statement said he has been sexually satisfying which is the more reason the couple managed to have five children with her and another five with his second wife.
“How come I managed to have a set of twins with my second wife if my manhood does not function as you allege,” he asked her.
He acknowledged that problems in their marriage started when he married another woman who he has five children with.
“When my second wife fell ill, Mary refused to take care of the five children I have with the second wife. This is when I asked her to leave if she was not willing to take care of them,” Mwanza said.
He said he still loves Mwanza and wants them to look after the children together.
In passing judgment, the court dismissed the claim by Zulu to be granted a divorce as no dowry was paid by Mwanza for the two to live as husband and wife.
“Your relationship was just that of a boyfriend and girlfriend,” the court said.
The court also said clearly that Mwanza had no feelings for Zulu, which was why he was denying her sex.

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