UK : Rob’s Tearfund trip to Zambia

Rob Johnson who is going Zambia to work with with children.
Rob Johnson who is going Zambia to work with with children.

A FORMER teacher from Clevedon will travel to Zambia in April to volunteer with a charity working with orphans and children in distress.

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Rob Johnson will travel to the African country as part of a trip organised by Christian charity, Tearfund, which works with people in poverty around the world.

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While there, he will spend time at Jesus Cares Ministries in the capital, Lusaka, which runs 22 community schools across Zambia and supports street children, child prostitutes, orphans, children forced into labour and any other children under duress.

It provides them with food, health services, somewhere to live and also education. It also reaches out to vulnerable women due to their connection with the children.

Rob, aged 62 of Garstons, said: “I have wanted to do something like this for a long time.

“My wife, Isabel, and I have supported Tearfund for quite some time now and we really respect what they do.

“Hopefully we will be able to change things when we are out there but the trip is also aimed at transforming you and your views.

“Tearfund want people to go into schools to help out and also to a transit centre where children whose parents are missing stay.

“They also want us to carry out some creative activities with the children.”

Rob, who has been given some financial support for the two-week trip by St Andrew’s Church, hopes to take craft materials as well as simple games and sports equipment to Zambia to donate to the ministry and the children.

Anyone wishing to donate an item toward the trip can call Rob on 01275 798330.



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