Kansembe disappointed with opposition women for shunning IWD.

International Women's Day

Home Affairs Deputy Minister Elfridah Kansembe has expressed disappointment with women from opposition political parties in Ndola for shunning this year’s International Women’s Day.

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Speaking when she officiated at this year’s International Women’s day celebrations in Ndola today, Ms. Kansembe said it was very disappointing that women from opposition political parties decided to stay away from the commemoration even when the day was a woman’s show.

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The Deputy Minister noted that the celebrations were not for any particular political party, Church, or tribe, but is a special day set aside to recognize the warmth of all women regardless of their standing in society.

She noted that this year’s celebrations in Ndola were a big success as women turned up in big numbers to commemorate the day.

And Ndola District Gender Sub Committee Chairperson Angela Munthali said there is need to recognize women’s contribution to national welfare.

Ms. Munthali said over the years women have proved that they are capable of holding decision making positions and participating in various sectors of national development.

This year’s International Women’s Day was held under the theme “Inspiring change: celebrating god’s favour on 50 years of women’s excellence and achievements.”


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