Speaker to monitor absence of MPs

Dr Patrick Matibini
Dr Patrick Matibini

Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini says he is monitoring the continued absence of some opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) during proceedings in the House.
Last week, the speaker formally received two complaints against the opposition MPs who included those currently serving in the Privilege Parliamentary Committee and assured that the complaints would soon be processed accordingly .

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The Speaker disclosed in parliament today that the absence of the opposition members was unjustified and expressed displeasure at the development.

He reminded the members to be fully committed and attend all parliamentary business.

Most of the opposition MPs mainly MMD and UPND seats were desertedtoday in the Chamber prompting Kafue MP Mr. Obvious Mwaliteta, who is also Central Province Minister, to rise on a serious point of order to which the Speaker accordingly advised.

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Dr. Matibini said this when he made a ruling in the House today following a point of order raised by, Mwaliteta who wanted to find out if UPND MPs were in order to continue absconding from the House during parliamentary debates.

“I have explained this before that the continued absence of the opposition MPs is totally inexplicable. I must remind you all honourable members of this House that you must be present in the House during deliberations at all times. l will continue monitoring the situation which is unjustified at the moment but l can assure you that action will be taken sooner than later,” the Speaker said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Matibini has repeated advising parliamentarians against engaging him into partisan politics.

Dr. Matibini urged the MPs to choose platforms where they could discuss matters of politics but not in the House.

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