Masebo takes to witness stand in tribunal

Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo
Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo
Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo has told the tribunal investigating her alleged interference in the Zambia Wildlife Authority operations that she was directed by President Micheal Sata to take action and clean up the mess at ZAWA.

Ms Masebo 50 of house number 1688/m Ibex Hill Lusaka told the Royda Kaoma led tribunal that upon being appointed Minister of Tourism she learnt that the Zambia Wildlife Authority was operating like a private company and the management was very weak in its administrative works.

Ms Masebo testified that she also discovered that ZAWA was owing various companies and banks over K2 billion.

She testified that ZAWA was also more like a family institution where positions were filled up with family appointments prompting her to take action.

Ms Masebo said she was instructed to dissolve the ZAWA board and dismiss the Five senior officials because they would undermine her authority as minister responsible.

She also submitted to the tribunal that ZAWA management was hiding information from government such that international donors complained and threatened to withdraw funding.

Ms Masebo further told the tribunal that ZAWA was not remitting funds to community resource boards beyond nine months in arrears resulting in complaints by traditional leaders.