Sata’s FCB 05/03/14 – Eastern Province road works update

Good Morning Dear Friends,

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Today, I wish to share with you our Government’s progress on the construction of selected road works within and around the Eastern Province. As of December 2013 a total of 1,570 jobs were created during the on-going construction works of 2,290km of roads which is costing a total K2.7 billion as follows:

1. Upgrading to approximately 104km of Chipata-Mfuwe road: works on-going at 90% progress;

2. Rehabilitation of selected roads in Mzanzala: works on-going at 40% progress;

3. Rehabilitation of 15km of selected urban roads in Lundazi of Eastern province: works on-going 99% progress;

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4. Construction of Drainage structures on Lusanghazi-Luamfwa road in the Park: works on-going at 41% progress;

5. Upgrading of approximately 105km of Chipata-Vubwi-Chadiza road, 5km of Mpezeni road, 21km of Mwami Hospital road and 8km of Vubwi township roads: works on-going at 5% progress;

6. Upgrading to Bituminous Standard of approximately 90km of the Chipata-Chadiza-Katete (Chanida) roads: works on-going at 3%;

7. Rehabilitation of the 98km Nacala corridor from Luangwa to Nyimba road: in-progress;

8. Rehabilitation of the Nacala Corridor from Nyimba-Sinda: project in-progress;

9. Rehabilitation of the 95km Nacala Corridor from Sinda-Mutenguleni: in-progress;

10. Rehabilitation of the Nacala Corridor from Mutenguleni to Mwami Border: in-progress;

I am determined to see our people’s living standards improve through our Government’s construction of roads aimed at linking all provincial capitals and open up the country to investment, particularly in rural areas to enhance accessibility to markets. MCS- 05/03/14


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