Farmer, fisherman to hang for murder

hang suicide
hang suicide

A 39-YEAR-OLD peasant farmer and a 50-year-old fisherman of Andala village in Luwingu district in Northern Province have been sentenced to death by the Kasama High Court for murdering their friend during a drinking spree.
Ndola High Court judge-in-charge Isaac Chali, sitting  in Kasama recently, convicted and jailed Davies Chishala and Tony Nyemba for murdering Frederick Mulamba, 65.
Chishala and Nyemba murdered Mr Mulamba on December 5, 2012 in Luwingu,
Passing the sentence, Mr Justice Chali said the prosecution had proved its case against Chishala and Nyemba beyond reasonable doubt.
“I do not even accept the defence that you were drunk.  I sentence both of you to death by hanging until pronounced dead by a medical doctor,” Mr Justice Chali said.
According to a post-mortem report presented to the court, Mr Mulamba died of hypovolemic shock and abdominal trauma.
During trial, Mr Mulamba’s wife, Paulina Mwaba, 57, told the court that on December 4, 2012, her husband left home with his two friends identified as Anthony Mulenga and James Chama to go and drink a local brew, commonly known as Katata at a nearby village.
Ms Mwaba said the following morning around 08:00 hours, she received information that her husband was admitted to Nsombo clinic.
She testified that she rushed there and found Mr Mulamba restless with injuries on the back and forehead.
“I asked him who had inflicted those injuries on him and he told me that it was the two accused persons during a drinking spree,” Ms Mwaba said.
She also testified that she noticed that Mr Mulamba’s ribs appeared broken and were making cracking noises when bathing him.  She said he later died around 13:00 hours.
And Mr Mulenga told the court that on the material day, he went to drink beer with Mr Mulamba and Mr Chama when Mulamba decided to join Chishala and Nyemba who were seated a few away.
He said after a short while, Chishala and Nyemba started insulting Mr Mulamba.
Mr Mulenga testified that Chishala reached for a stick and used it to hit Mr Mulamba in the ribs.
He testified that Mr Mulamba returned where he was sitting with Mr Chama but Chishala and Nyemba followed him.
He told the court that Nyemba also reached for a brick and used it to hit Mr Mulamba on the back.
“At this point, I suggested that we go back home but Mulamba refused, saying he still had money and wanted to drink more beer,” Mr Mulenga said.
He said he and Mr Chama left Mr Mulamba drinking and returned home.
Mr Mulenga said he was shocked to hear that Mr Mulamba had died the next day.
In defence, Chishala and Nyemba denied beating and murdering Mr Mulamba.

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