Woman sues hubby for marrying maid


A CHILENJE local court magistrate has warned a 45-year-old man of Lusaka’s Kamwala Township who married his 17-year-old maid as his second wife to be careful with his actions.
Magistrate Sharon Sichone sitting with magistrate George Kaoma said it was shameful for a mature man to behave in the manner he did.
The court advised that if the man did not change he would defile his own daughters.
This is in a matter in which Alice Simundende, 38 sued her husband Jaidi Siazana for marriage reconciliation resulting from the marital problems the two had.
Simundende told the court that her husband turned against her and married the maid she employed claiming  she was more hard working than her.
She said she got married to Siazana in 1989 and they lived in harmony until last year when she employed a maid to be helping out.
Simundende said problems started last year in October when she caught her husband making love with her maid on the matrimonial bed.
She said she was watching television in the living room when her daughter asked her to go to the bedroom and see for herself what was going on.
She said that she found her husband and her maid making love and was told by her husband not to interrupt as that would cause him to have a backache.
Simundende said when she chased the maid the following day, her husband became furious and told her that she had no right to chase the maid.
She said her husband stopped spending nights at home and only went there during the day and when asked he became furious.
She also said she had no problem with her husband marrying second wife provided it  was a different woman and  not her maid.
She said she still loved her husband but wanted him to chase the maid and marry another woman if he wanted.
But in his defence, Siazana denied ever making love with his maid and said he had married her because he needed someone to be working at the farm, saying his wife was lazy.
“I have been living with my wife but for three years now, she has never bothered to go and work at the farm. I decided to marry our maid because she is very hard working compared to my wife,” he said.
He said he got permission from Simundende to marry a second wife and that he was very surprised that his wife could not accept the woman he married.
Siazana said he still loved her and would not divorce his second wife because she was hardworking compared to his wife.
In passing judgment, magistrate Sichone told the two that it was very clear the two stayed in their marriage for 24 years and that they had problems.
She said it was also clear that Siazana was fond of marrying young girls because he married his first wife when she was 13-years-old.
She asked the two to go home and reflect on their lives and come up with decisions that would not destroy their marriage but build it.
Magistrate Sichone then told Simundende to stop asking Siazana about his second wife since he was not willing to divorce her.

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