UPND is over stating significance of its Katuba victory – Lusambo

MMD Die Hard youth Coordinator Bowman Lusambo
Bowman Lusambo
Opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) youths have observed that the United Party for National Development (UNPD) is over stating the significance of its Katuba by-election victory.

And MMD youth wing Die Hard coordinator Bowman Lusambo has charged that the recent statement attributed to UPND Deputy Spokesman Cornelius Mweetwa that the MMD is a spoiler cannot go unchallenged.

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Mr. Lusambo has told Qfm news in a statement that Mr. Mweetwa should be reminded that MMD is a mother of democracy in Zambia and that it is also a political party that is credited locally and internationally for introducing and strengthening multi-party democracy in the country.

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Mr. Lusambo says it is for this reason that Mr. Mweetwa is deliberately attempting to alter history and satisfy his alleged over rated political ego by labeling the former ruling party as spoilers.

Meanwhile the MMD Die Hard Coordinator notes that Mr. Mweetwa should be further reminded that recently his party contested in the Mansa Central by-election, an election which he says the UPND clearly had no chance of winning.

He says to this effect, the UPND actually played as spoiler in Mansa Central by-election.

He adds that it is therefore illogical and pretentious for Mr. Mweetwa to label the MMD spoilers when it attempted to defend its own seat in Katuba

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