North Norfolk Christians jump for Zambia

70,000 Children inZambia have run away from home due to poverty, violence and sexual mistreatment. Yet on ‘the streets’ they are subject to even worse abuse. One of the few sources of help is a small charity, run by Norfolk Christians, named“Action for Children Zambia”. They provide  ‘first aid’ most nights to the children on the streets; those who wish to come off the streets are first ‘detoxed’ from their glue or drugs habit. The final stage of the program is the teaching of a trade or skill so that they can find their way and place back as valuable young adults in the community.

Funds are limited, so only some can the children can be financed back into school –but what is not limited is the offer and security of a safe and loving home. Many of the children though have been very badly affected by their experience: they need professional help. That help can be freely obtained from worldwide volunteers.

“Action for Children Zambia” have launched their “Building a Future” project. In October this year a team of builders from North Norfolk will donate their costs, time and skills to go and build house that will accommodate up to six volunteer doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals. They will also pass on their skills and tools to the older children, and empower them to earn a livelihood for themselves and future generations.

The group have already raised £7000 through an art auction, a sponsored Zumba, and a sausage tasting evening, but another £17,000, is needed, just for the building materials for the project.

The sponsored sky dive will take place at Beccles on Sunday April 6. Anyone who raises the minimum sponsorship of £300 will be able to perform a tandem sky dive for free, as the cost flight and jump will be covered. Up to 50 people can take part.

“This is a tandem jump not a solo one, so it’s marginally less terrifying” promised Wendy Fredericks for the charity, who is organising the event. “And I will be there pouring you a glass of fizz to celebrate your safe landing!”

For more information, e-mail Wendy at [email protected] or phone 0779 462 4067

Anyone wishing to join in should contact Jude at UK Parachuting to book a place and pay a £50 deposit. Phone 01502 476 131

For other fund-raising events please visit

Skydive image courtesy of Cathy Kaplan via