Kabanshi launches re-branded campaign to uphold cleanliness

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——The Ministry of Local Government and Housing has re-launched the newly re-branded “Clean up Zambia” healthy campaign.


Speaking during the launch in Chawama constituency today, Local Government and Housing Minister Emerine Kabanshi said lack of cleanliness has been a major source of concern to the government.


She noted that garbage collection in the city has been a serious challenge hence the move by the ministry to initiate and re-brand the keep Zambia clean a healthy campaign to “Clean up Zambia”.


Ms Kabanshi explained that the keep Zambia clean campaign failed to yield the desired results.


The Minister said heaps and mountains of garbage are a common sight in most parts of the city indicating that the make Zambia clean campaign failed.


Ms Kabanshi stressed that the newly rebranded clean up Zambia is aimed at giving impetus towards garbage collection and general cleanness of premises.


And speaking earlier at the same function, Lusaka City Deputy Mayor, Mulenga Sata said the local authority has embarked on an ambitious programme to improve the welfare of the people in Lusaka by providing clean and an enabling safe environment for all.


However, Mr Sata bemoaned that frequent disease outbreaks have become a common feature in the city due to indiscriminate disposal of waste which has prompting the council to join hands with the Ministry of Local Government and Housing in enhancing the collection of waste management.