PF’s agenda is to deprive any average citizen – Chipimo

Elias Chipimo
Elias Chipimo

National Restoration Party (NAREP) president Elias Chipimo junior has accused the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) of allegedly having an agenda of depriving any average citizen in the country.

Commenting on the remarks by republican vice president Guy Scott that the PF is ready to go for a by-election once the Former Defense Minister Geoffrey Mwamba resigns from the party, Mr. Chipimo says his party is deeply concerned and troubled by such a statement by the vice president.

Mr. Chipimo tells Qfm news in an interview that in view of this statement Dr. Scott should tell the nation where the money for the by-election will come from.

He notes the ruling PF should also look at the best ways of moving the country forward as opposed to spending too much time politicking.

And Mr. Chipimo has observed that the call by Dr. Scott for the Mr. Mwamba to resign because has been allegedly boasting about taking development to his constituency is unacceptable and very unfair.

The NAREP leader has advised the vice president to stay away from a spirit of war mongering and adopt the spirit of reconciliation and unity for the benefit of the majority Zambians.