Government ponders to assist street children families

street children and young people in Zambia
street children and young people in Zambia

Community Development Mother and Child Health Deputy Minister, Dorothy Kazunga says her ministry will work with the community in the setting up of the Cash Transfer Scheme to help families of street children.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today, Ms Kazunga said the scheme cannot work without the help of the community as they are the ones who know the children who roam the streets and the homes they come from.

She said this would also discourage parents from sending their children to the streets so they can benefit from the scheme.

Ms Kazunga said she is optimistic the scheme will be a success as her ministry already has the structure that will help in achieving the goals the program hopes to achieve.

She also said that even though some of the street kids would still go back to the streets, government would have done its part in helping its people have a better life.

The Deputy Minister disclosed that the scheme will be launched as soon as funds are received and proper mechanism is established.

The aim of the scheme is to better the lives of street children and ease the burden on the families they come from.