‘Fake prophets’ irk Choma residents

Charity Katanga - Northern Police Chief
Charity Katanga - Northern Police Chief

SOME Choma residents have called on the police to take action against people from some churches masquerading as prophets who are charging huge sums of money for ‘healing’ prayers.
The residents made the appeal at the weekend during a meeting with Chief Singani and District Commissioner Bernadette Hamweemba at a commercial farm where the prophets had been frequenting to conduct their business.
They complained that some prophets were fond of visiting the area to offer healing prayers and in the process demand for money.
One of the affected residents, Joseph Siachikuli said the prophets had on many occasions swindled some residents out of their money through fake prayers.
“We have discovered now that they are fake prophets because they are just promoting witchcraft and people have lost money and property to pay them,” he said.
Chief  Singani expressed concern at the increasing reports of some traditional healers using the name of God to steal from people.
He bemoaned the high levels of illiteracy in his chiefdom which he said was a contributing factor to his subjects being deceived by the self-styled prophets.
Ms Hamweemba assured the residents that she would engage the relevant authorities to investigate the matter and bring the perpetrators to book.
Southern Province Police chief Charity Katanga could not be reached for a comment as she was attending a meeting.