Scribe supports revised education curriculum

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A veteran journalist in Kasama says the new education policy on the use of vernacular languages in schools will help to restore cultural identity of Zambians.


Kelvin Sichizya says the use of local languages in primary schools is not a new concept as it was used in the past, adding that the system worked well and had no disadvantages both to teachers and learners.


Mr Sichizya observed that critics of the new education policy on local languages should swallow their pride and show patriotism to the nation.


He said the use local languages as medium of instruction in learning institutions will widen the knowledge base of many pupils in understanding issues.


Mr Sichizya however, said it was unfortunate that some Zambians do not want to associate themselves with their own local languages, saying civilization should not result in a society living on borrowed culture.


He has since urged well-meaning Zambians to support Government’s decision to introduce local languages in primary schools as it is a key to national development.